"May you enter favoured and leave beloved." 
In 1996, a group of British magical practitioners decided to form the Temple of Khem in order to offer structured courses in the Mysteries for those who wished to pay homage to the gods of the Nile Valley.   Using the resources at the British Museum and the Egypt Exploration Society, it was possible to put together a basic foundation course that would be well within the grasp of any genuine seeker, while not compromising or trivialising authentic source material.

The study of Egypt is a flexible science, in that rarely can any of the historical happenings be formally fixed with 100% accuracy.  On a religious, mystical and magical level, the authenticity of early translations are even more mercurial.  Whichever theory one authority expounds, there will always be another who disagrees with the findings.  Therefore, anyone who attempts to lay down the law over the Egyptian Mystery Tradition can also expect howls of protest as others disagree with their teaching or working methods.

ToK has chosen to augment its own teaching methods with a pre-determined Path system that is based on the genuine chronological history of Egypt.  Neither does it make any attrmpt to sanitise the gods in the eyes of the students by offering up a squeaky-clean, holier-than-thou image of divinity.

The Principal, Mélusine Draco, has been a magical and spiritual instructor for over 20 years, and writer of several popular books on the Egyptian Mystery Tradition including Liber Ægyptius: the book of Egyptian magic; The Egyptian Book of Days; The Egyptian Book of Nights and Starchild - a rediscovery of the ancient Egyptian stellar worship.  Her highly individualistic teaching methods and writing draw on ancient sources, supported by academic texts and current archaeologicl findings.

The titles in this section are included on the recommended reading list for the first year study course with the Temple of Khem and written by senior members of the Order.  To order any of the following books go to www.ignotuspress.com

Melusine Draco

A captivating introduction to the practice of the Egyptian Mystery Tradition, drawing on translations from the recorded history, and the magical and historical secrets of the Nile Valley.  Written by the Principal of the Temple of Khem, Liber Aegyptius offers a fascinating insight into how ancient philosophy and belief can be just as pertinent to today's seeker of magical Truths.
ISBN 0 9522689 4 9 (1998) paperback £11.99

Reviews from Amazon: "Looking at this title I thought it was going to be too academic for me ... but I actually found the book easy to use and the language easy to follow.  It made more sense than other books I had been reading and gave me the opportunity to understand Egyptian texts and information that has previously been 'Greek'.  Much better than anything else I had bought - I can follow the religion with ease and understand the differences between the dynasties and the deities.  Well worth the money."

"Liber Aegyptius doesn't actually provide much in the way of practical instruction ... there aren't really any rituals in the book for the reader to engage in, apart from one dedication ceremony ... maybe that's one of the reasons why so many people like it.  It's a good one for setting the record straight about a lot of myths people have about Egyptian religion, and I found the Temple of Khem's division into the different bodies of practice (primitive path, solar path, etc,) quite interesting."

"Have a look at Liber Aegyptius by Melusine Draco - now there's a damned good book!"

KARNAK: TEMPLE OF THE SUN: Mystical Pathworkings
Justine Norbury

This book recreates Egypt's religious past through a series of visualisations and guided pathworkings.  In the company of a priestess of Amun, the Traveller will be taken on an astral tour of the shrines and sanctuaries where they come face to face with their patron deity.  The historical basis for the text was originally compiled and written for a dissertation submitted to the University of Manchester for the Certificate in Humanities (Egyptology) by the author, who now lives in Egypt.
ISBN 1 903768 20 9 (2001) 104pp paperback £9.99

5-star ratings from Amazon:
"I approached this book with little prior knowledge and an open mind.  I was pleased to find that the book is excellent - there is enough in-depth, well-researched information to interest anyone whether they have already studied Egypt, or are new to the subject.  I found the descriptive writing superb and had the feeling that details are absorbed as the reader is led through the book, and indeed that the Temple at Karnak was wonderful.  Though the information is new to me, I felt supported by the writing style and I was carried along."

"I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of their level of interest.  There is enough here for those wishing to gain more knowledge about Karnak Temple, but also anyone with a passing interest will no doubt be drawn in.  I left Karnak Temple feeling a mixture of awe and infinity.  I am so pleased that I found this book and I am sure that it will be re-read many times."

"Having never visited Egypt I now feel that when I do, I will be greatly aware of the importance and history of the temple of Karnak.  The description in the book is superb and carries the reader along on its journey.  The style of writng is also excellent, enabling someone with no previous knowledge of the subject to be gently led through the well-researched and in-depth information.  The book contans enough information to interest anyone with prior knowledge, and is detailed enough to satisfy those keen to learn more ... but the feeling of being accompanied through the book prevents it from being purely a book of facts.  I am so glad I found this book and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone."

THE SETIAN: The Mysteries of the Shadows
Billie Walker-John
Edited and Introduced by Alan Richardson

The Egyptian neter Set is rarely dealt with in-depth in popular renditions of ancient Egyptian mythological figures.  His image in such works are stated as merely being the evil murderer of his brother Osiris, who was eventually defeated by his nephew Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis.  Yet Set was much more than the 'baddie' that has come down to us via re-told myths.  The Setian tells the story of this most unloved of all the ancient Egyptian gods, and his vitally important role in the Mysteries of the Shadows.
ISBN 1 903768 09 8 (2002) 108pp paperback £9.99

"I wish I'd published this book!" Mogg - Mandrake Press.

The Atum-Re Revival: Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for the Modern World 
Melusine Draco
An interest in the magic, religion and spirituality of the ancient Egyptians continues to increase steadily as people begin to realise that it is possible to follow this ancient tradition in the 21st century.  The Egyptian religion is the oldest recorded belief system in the world, having just entered its sixth millennium - and it still can teach us how to live today in both earthly and cosmic harmony.
ISBN: 978-1-78099-437-6 272pp paperback UK£14.99/US$24.95
Available from www.axismundi-books.com

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